Ruud Kleinpaste @ The Bug Man

Ruud Kleinpaste @ The Bug Man

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How to Murder your Plants more Slowly
Will take a look at our Garden Biodiversity and Biosecurity... and see what’s the exotic and what’s the native... or indeed, which is the “baddy” and which is the “goodie”.
Thursday 15th Nov: 1pm – 3pm
*1 hour presentation followed by a 1 hour bush adventure

Messages from Below 
Ruud believes that bugs (and fungi and all other critters, plants, bacteria) are the driving force. Perhaps it’s time to learn from nature and ask for the most pertinent messages. 
Thursday 15th Nov: Thursday 15th Nove: 4.30pm – 6.30pm 
*1 hr talk with Q&A and a play time with insects

Nature Time Teaching 
Will show how nature does numeracy, literacy, art, music, symmetry and ... oh yes: Science!. Don’t miss Ruud at Bloom in the Bay
Friday 16th Nov: 4.30pm – 6.00pm 



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